Third Grade

Our mission is to create life-long learners and develop servant leaders through authentic real-world experiences.
Third Grade 
The Third Grade team at O. C. Taylor takes pride in its progression toward academic growth, responsibility, and independence. Each teacher ensures a challenging and enriching education by providing students with a stimulating environment conducive to learning at any level. Many new ideas and concepts are taught and mastered, including * the writing process * spelling with patterns and rules versus memorization * problem-solving skills * studies of local, national, and worldwide communities * the scientific method * cursive writing * research techniques * online citizenship *higher level thinking skills in every subject area. The expectations are high in third grade at O. C. Taylor, and we strive to help each student reach beyond his or her potential and have a positive learning experience while doing so.
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 Lunch/Duty  10:40 - 11:10
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 Conference  1:55 - 2:45
 Team Meetings  Wednesday & Thursday