Students receive two grades in Music – a skills grade and a conduct grade. Students will receive grades based on their grade level report card standards. 

Students in K-4th will receive a 3 (mastery of the standard), 2 (approaching the expected level of mastery), or 1 (below expectations).

Students in 5th grade will receive an E(xcellent), S(atisfactory), N(eeds improvement) or U(nsatisfactory) for their skills grade and conduct grade. 

O. C. Taylor Expectations:

O. C. Taylor Tigers are GREAT! 
G - Growth-Minded
R - Responsible
E - Extra respectful
A - Always kind
T - Take pride 

Verbal warning
Behavior Slip - must be signed and returned by a parent
Conduct grades are lowered if a student receives more than one behavior slip in a 9 week grading period.
0-1 behavior slips = E/3
2-3 behavior slips = S/2
4-5 checks = N/1
6+ checks = U