Medication Procedures:
All medication should be given outside of school hours if possible. Only medication that is required to enable a student to stay in school will be given, under the following conditions:
1. All student medication must be kept in the clinic. Medications must be in the original prescription or non-prescription container. The pharmacy will supply two (2) labeled bottles for this purpose. Medication will not be given if sent in baggies or unlabeled containers. Written permission of the parent or guardian is required for the administration of all medications. Medication permission forms may be obtained from the nurses' office or from the district site. New permission forms are required each school year. If the medication will be given longer than ten (10) days, we are required to have a physician signature on the medication form along with a parent signature. 
2. In accordance with the Texas Nursing Practice Act, nurses will not administer supplements, herbals, or homeopathics which are not FDA regulated.
3. Students with a life threatening allergy need to have an Allergy Action Plan on file in the nurses' office. If an EpiPen needs to be carried by the student, the EpiPen Authorization Form must be on file. A second EpiPen should be kept in the clinic.