Program Goals for Gifted and Talented Students

· Gifted and Talented students will demonstrate the ability to conceptualize and see relationships at the level of their unique potential in order to become independent, self-directed learners.

· Gifted and talented students will utilize critical thinking skills to foster in-depth, complex learning that demonstrates an understanding of advanced content.

· Gifted and Talented students will develop a positive self concept comparable to their area of giftedness that meets their social and emotional needs in order to interact and communicate effectively with other gifted students, peers, and society.

· Gifted and Talented students will collaborate in an environment that fosters relationships with students, families, businesses, community members and local governments to yield advanced products or performances.

· Gifted and Talented students will use advanced, divergent thinking skills to explore creative possibilities and solutions to enhance productivity and problem solving for themselves and society.

· Attendance

Student attendance is required on the scheduled GT LEAD day. A student must attend unless appropriate arrangements have been made.

· Class/Homework

During the time students attend GT LEAD, they are not required to make up activities completed while they are gone. Work is a “keep up” not a “make up” situation and should not be assigned as homework. Students should understand concepts of the subject content in their regular classroom, but need not make up the class work covered if they were in GT LEAD class.