Tech TigerTechnology Kids
OCT students and faculty are fortunate to have many technology resources readily available for their use. The building is part of the GCISD Wide Area Network providing network and internet access to all classrooms, labs and the library. O.C. Taylor students and teachers are supported by Elvis Flores, Campus Technician!

1 iMac lab used for testing and full classroom technology experiences
All classrooms are provided with a projector and sound capabilities along with lightpen use availability.
Classroom Laptops-
All Kindergarten through 4th-grade classrooms have access to a classroom set of MacBooks for educational use when needed.
MacBooks available for student use while in the library
Student 1 to 1-
Pre-K students have a classroom set of iPads for available for use.
Kindergarten through 4th-grade students have iPads assigned to them for use in and out of the classroom.
5th graders have Dell Chromebooks assigned to them.