In June 1990 the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1 mandating the establishment of district and campus committees to be involved in decision making. This legislation provided for the election of classroom teachers and campus-based staff representatives. In addition, it established guidelines for including participation by parents and community members of campus committees. The campus committees were charged with the task of setting goals designed to increase student achievement. A year later additional legislation was passed which expanded the roll of these committees to include responsibility for increased student achievement through goal setting, curriculum, budgeting, staffing patterns, and school organization.

The Campus Excellence Committee is made up of 9-15 members with representation from administration, faculty, staff, parents and community members.

The vital role of the Campus Excellence Committee is to ensure the implementation of site-based decision making. The CEC makes important decisions for the campus regarding budget, goal setting, curriculum, staffing patterns, and school organization.

O.C. Taylor Campus Excellence Committee
Principal: Lisa Pedevilla
Assistant Principal: Allison Bailey
Community Representatives
Dawn Hall
Parent Representatives
Lissa Critz
Wes Critz
Dawn Hall
Tamaron Hunt
Liz Payne
Scott Payne
District Excellence Committee Representatives
Beth Vencill
District Advisory Council Representative 
Jacqui Van Horn
Diversity - Tiffany Dagger-Cummings
Teacher Representatives 
Gabriela Haynes
Whitney Arington
Ashley Duncan
Chloe Rodenberger
Allyson Dickinson
Cindy Rutter
Morgan Epperson
Specials/Special Programs
Kari Griffith