Pick Up Procedures:

O.C.Taylor teachers and staff dismiss over 400 students every afternoon and our goal is to maintain a high level of supervision and safety for all.
  When picking up children after school, please keep the following information in mind. If you are going to go north on Pool Rd. (toward Hall Johnson) as you leave campus, we encourage you to use the Hall Johnson/Bus Loop (Northside).  Conversely, traffic going south on Pool (toward Glade) when leaving is encouraged to use the Glade Road / Front Loop.  This alleviates cars crossing lines of traffic.

When picking up your child, please be sure to hold up your bright yellow car sign so it can easily be seen by the staff member with a bull horn.  Car signs will be read and names called out as you pull into either loop so that your child(ren) will be ready to meet you when you pull up.  Please do not stop and leave a large gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.  If you pick your child up on the Hall Johnson/ Bus Loop, please be sure you yield to the GCISD buses at all times.  The striped area of the Hall Johnson / Bus Loop nearest to the building must remain cleared of all cars until the buses leave.  Whenever possible, please pull up to the furthest available cone so staff can safely load three vehicles at a time. If you park and pick your child up from this area, please keep your child at your side after he or she is in your care.  Students should not be allowed to run and play anywhere near the bus loop.  Once you leave the parking lot, please yield to cars in the pick-up lane to help the line move quickly. 

If you park and pick up your child, always use cross walks and consider parking in the front visitor parking lot.  Please DO NOT park at the Colleyville Fire Department to meet and/or pick up students.

Following these steps speeds up the pick-up process and helps us meet our goal. 


Thank you for your cooperation.
Ms. Young
 OCT Pickup Procedures Map