Welcome to the O. C. Taylor Learning Commons! We offer a wonderful collection of children's literature and educational resources for our students and staff.

Click HERE to access the O. C. Taylor Learning Commons homepage where you can find many educational resources, help your child browse the collection, or place a book on hold! Check back often because we add new resources throughout the year. 

As the librarian my goal is to prepare students to participate in the 21st century by helping them to build the information literacy skills they need to effectively and efficiently access, evaluate, and use information in an ethical and responsible manner. These skills will enable them to become successful lifelong learners and resourceful citizens in our community.

We live in a world that is changing so rapidly that the jobs our students will hold in the future probably do not even exist today! The information explosion we have witnessed in our lifetime makes it more important than ever for students to possess specific skills and dispositions that will allow them to be flexible, independent learners. They must be capable of using technology as a tool while applying critical-thinking skills to solve problems both now and in the future.

Of course reading is also just plain fun! I look forward to introducing your children to many amazing authors and illustrators as we explore the world of children’s literature together. Please feel free to come in and be a part of the celebration of learning that is happening in the O.C. Taylor Learning Commons.

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Bonacci