Which students will receive an iPad?
Every O.C. Taylor Elementary student in grades K4 will be issued an iPad. 5th graders will receive a Chromebook. 
Can my student take the iPad/Chromebook home? 
What will you teach my child about Internet Safety?
We will utilize appropriate grade level digital literacy curriculum provided by Common Sense Media
Is there an Internet filter in place for the iPad/Chromebook?
Internet access is filtered based on the wireless network the device is accessing. When the iPad is at school, it is connected to GCISD's wireless network which offers filtering in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.
Are there apps the district does not allow to be installed on the iPad/Chromebook? 
Yes, the GCISD Technology Services Department maintains a list of Blacklisted Apps. If any of the offending apps are installed on the iPad, the device will lose access to the Safari app, the camera, and the App Store.
If my child brings his/her iPad home, how will it be charged?We are recommending that students place their iPad charger in their backpack. Charging will be expected to be done overnight while the iPad is at home. If the charger is in a backpack, students will be able to charge at school if necessary.

What are the expectations for personal usage of the iPad at home?GCISD has developed a Trust Card for students to follow when taking their iPad home. This is similar to the Trust Card students are expected to follow when they use their iPad at school. This agreement should be signed and kept at home for students and parents to refer to.

Does GCISD provide a filter for internet access on the iPad?Not when the iPads are connected to any network outside GCISD. All filters for home use would require parents to set up the device to access your home wifi network and would use whatever filter measures you currently have in place. Parents should not expect iPads to do any kind of internet filtering when the iPad is at home unless they set that up themselves.

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